The little things in life are very satisfying… Especially when they’re FREE. Hope you got to enjoy your free Slurpee today!! Thank You @7eleven!!! #7ElevenDay #FreeSlurpeeDay
Bitches love yachts, so I bought one. 😎✌️Who wants a lift??
Good morning and goodbye Philippines. 😎✌️
Dear @Mcdonalds,

I recently traveled to the Philippines and I would like to request to bring these items to the United States. 

Thank you!!
Why go chasing waterfalls, when there is a well pump next door!
One of the many beautiful sunsets experienced while in the Philippines. 🌅
Privileged to have witnessed 4 passing thunder storms, each one got better and better, and louder and louder. 😍⚡️😍⚡️#stormchasingfetish
Seeing this while pooping just makes me think of The Beauty and The Beast.
Bitch, I can speak cat! Meow!! 🐱🐯
Ride a Carabao… ✔️