Hope y’all had a wonderful Labor Day Weekend!! Getting ready to devour this fresh home made hamburger!! #laburgerday lol
Last night was awesome!! Thanks to @flaskmob for putting this together. It was fun connecting with people with the same interest whether it be photography, booze, or both!!

Can’t wait for the next mob!!
So what do we do at these things?? Haha #firsttime #flaskmob #dtla #pershingsquare  (at Pershing Square)
Quarters with mint dates from 1964 and earlier are made with real silver. They’re lighter in weight and Jane a different jingle when you jingle then with other quarters. It almost sounds like a fake coin. #funfact

Okay time to do laundry!!
Had the most delicious home made, made with love, family secret recipe punch bowl trifle cake. 

This delicious monster cake definitely put me into weekend mode!!
"It’s just not just A weekend, it’s THE weekend!" Labor Day Weekend!! Can’t wait for work to be over!!

What are your plans y’all?!??!!
Being surrounded by Mother Nature and not by buildings and cars is an wonderful feeling. Can’t do it to often as I would like too, so this little office plant will do.

The weekend is almost here!! High five y’all!! ✋😁
"Run run fast as you can! You no can catch me, I’m one musubi man!" —The Musubi Man
If there is no rain present it it still called a rainbow?? 😕😕

I saw this and told myself “look a sunbow!!” Lol I looked it up and found out its a sun halo. Never saw this before thought it was cool. Try and see if you can see it from where you are!!
Went to San Diego for the weekend. Spotted this classic Mercedes-Benz 200 outside the shops while I was waiting for my friends. I’m a sucker for a classic car they’re just aesthetically pleasing to me.  

Owning one is definitely on my bucket list, if not I’ll settle for renting one to cruise around in. #WHPcarcorners
This is how every run/marathon should end. 🍻

Side note: It’s nice being back in San Diego. I need to come back soon and enjoy this beautiful city. Hope y’all are having an amazing weekend!!